Mechanized cleaning

To achieve cleanliness and hygiene in the station premises mechanized cleaning has been adopted. Mechanised Cleaning and housekeeping work is carried out with suitable uniformed and trained personnel with the use of modern equipments, machinery and eco-friendly chemicals. Cleaning and housekeeping work includes cleaning of floor area, vertical finishes, roof arches, roof ceilings, glass panels, railings, bitumen surfaces, pavements,mirrors, windows, tracks, drains, walkways, pillars etc.

Activities to be carried out by Housekeeping staff :

  • Dry sweeping/ Mopping
  • Wet Mopping
  • Stain Removing
  • Dustbin Cleaning
  • Glass wall and window cleaning
  • Granite wall and Pillar cleaning
  • Water booth cleaning
  • Keep dustbin in pair
  • Garbage removal
  • Rag picking
  • Educate passengers to drop wet waste in green dustbin and dry waste in blue dustbin

Machines engaged in Mechanised Cleaning:

  • Ride on Scrubber Drier
  • Automatic Walk Behind Scrubber
  • Steam Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cold Water High Pressure Jet Cleaner
  • Heavy Duty Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner twin Motor
  • Single Disc Machine with Hard Scrubbing Brush
  • Hard Scrubber Machine
  • High pressure jet with drain cleaning kit( on wheels)
  • Ride on road sweeper
  • Back pack dry vacuum Cleaner

We are determined to maintain an absolutely high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in station premises.