Standard Cleanliness Procedures

Standard Cleaning Procedures have been adopted for different types of surfaces and area, like for Platform cleaning,first dry sweeping of platform surface is done , then wet mopping of platform surface and thereafter continuous mechanised scrubbing of surface with help of Ride-on auto scrubber pre-loaded with cleaning agents. Also there is intensive cleaning gang and it completely cleans surfaces with help of steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner, single disc scrubber and HP Jet machine. For cleaning of Washable apron first of all spray of lime and bleach powder is used on night soil or excreta, then rag picking is done and thereafter cleaning of washable apron is done with the help of HP JET.

Toilet: Toilets are cleaned in every three hours with help of toilet cleaning agent and brush. Liquid Soap dispensers have been provided to sanitize hand and Odonil has also been provided for pleasant atmosphere. Also once in a day toilet is sanitized with help of steam cleaner and regular spray of room freshener being used to control foul smell. A toilet cleaning sheet is also provided outside the toilets in which housekeeping staff makes endorsement of cleaning frequency , supervisors also endorse after super checking.