Solid Waste management

As part of “Swachh Bharat mission” as per direction of Hon’ble Prime Minister, disposal of solid waste garbage has to be done in a comprehensive manner. Nation green tribunal (NGT) has also directed regarding disposal of waste in a scientific manner so that minimum handling should be involved and biogas & manure thus generated can be utilized for agriculture purpose. In view of above, Solid Waste Management Plant is set up at coaching depot Jaipur with capacity of 0.5 ton decomposed biodegradable waste daily. Work costing Rs. 42 Lakh including two years operation & maintenance for two years was sanctioned under PH -53 in Feb’ 2015. Work started on 11.03.16

It is a first ever pilot project in Indian Railways. Solid Waste Management is a strategic approach to manage solid waste in a sustainable manner by considering aspects i.e. solid waste collection, segregation, digestion/bio-methanation & final disposal of all products and by-products in environmental friendly manner as per prevalent laws. Biogas generated will be utilized for cooking in running room kitchen, which is sufficient to take total load of cooking gas.

Specification of Solid Waste Plant:

  • Capacity : 0.5 ton decomposing bio degradable/organic solid waste per day.
  • Decomposition: Closed system for Organic waste decomposition in containerized bio box.
  • Cost: Rs. 42.05 lakh (Approx.) including two years operation & maintenance cost.
  • Utilization of by-products :
  • Bio Gas:
    Biogas generated will be utilized in Running room kitchen for cooking purpose
    can be utilized in plantation /agriculture use.
  • Disposal of all other products in environmental friendly manner.