Water Treatment and Recycling Plant

0.5 MLD capacity WRP plant has been commissioned in June 2017 at Pit Line of Coach care Complex. In this plant waste water of coach washing and coach watering is treated and recycled by this plant. The treated water of this plant is being re-used for coach washing again and again. Also pipe line laying work is under progress to use excess water of STP and WRP for track apron cleaning at Jaipur station.

Treated water Re-use : Treated water is being used in for coach washing and it saves approx. 90-100 KL water daily.

Parameter of treated water : Odour & Taste - agreeable, pH-6.5 to 8.5, TDS (mg/l):500 to 2000, Turbidity: 5 to 10 NTU, Chloride (mg/l): 250 to 1000, Hardness (as CaCO3 mg/l): 200 to 600, BOD (ppm):30, COD (ppm):100, Oil & Grease (ppm):<10.